power panel pp500

The next generation of solar energy:
Modular scalability with ease

The Power Panel PP500 stands out due to its innovative design, featuring wireless connectivity between panels through a waterproof quick coupling connection. This unique feature ensures a seamless and efficient installation process, eliminating the need for complex wiring.

Additionally, the Power Panel PP500 offers remarkable compatibility by requiring only a single AC wire connection from the last panel to the Smart Controller inside your home or business. This streamlined setup enhances convenience and reduces installation time significantly.

Furthermore, the system’s scalability allows you to expand your electricity capacity effortlessly by adding panels to our existing cluster. With a maximum capacity of up to 48kW, the Power Panel PP500 is a versatile solution tailored to meet your specific electricity consumption needs.



This All-In-One Power panel converts sunlight directly into 220V/110V AC electricity, not DC as conventional solar panels do.


wireless connections

Waterproof, male-female quick AC couplings for fast and error proof Installations.


gps locked

Built-in GPS, geofencing for theft prevention, service location reporting, and local solarisation optimisation.



Removable Power Pack that hosts the Lithium batteries, BMS, Inverter, and charge controllers for quick replacements if needed.


wireless communications

Built-in long-range LoRaWAN IoT wireless comms for autonomous status monitoring from and to the smart controller and the service centers.


custom pv

550W monocrystalline solar cells laminated panel with aluminum backplate for maximum efficiency.



High-density custom water and fireproof polyurethane for thermal dynamics in all weather conditions.



Waterproof male-female quick AC couplings for fast and error-proof installations.